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Just imagine a font/script you can create on your own – within seconds and can start writing things that only you (or the one you share with) can read.

It’s called Fontastic. It’s a font and it is fantastic.

Pick up a paper and make two Knoughts and crosses and two X

It will look like this


Then start writing alphabets (its your choice which way you write. The Example shown is of clockwise alphabets Once done Mark one each with a circle and you are ready.

It will look like this


YOU ARE READY – NOW START WRITING in a language that only you know.

Fontastic –  fonttext

By Ansh -  by-ansh

In case you wish to add numbers – you are the expert. Make a circle as below and just start.


Really helpful for Confidential Notes

Sharing special written expressions with loved ones

And even sometimes just for the fun of it.

Experiment by shifting dots, by not using the clockwise motion in arranging alphabets. You will have thousands of new possibilities – which only you know.

We should have called it Ansh Hide – but Fontastic was not worth missing.

It’s your own personal font. FONTASTIC – Isnt it!