Welcome to Ansh!

All through my wonderful time at Ansh, I have realized that what an amazing set of values guide the work ethics here. I have never had a dull moment at work in my many years of association with the firm and the credit goes to the work and the working style that we adopt at Ansh, as a senior professional, I had experienced many working styles but the simple yet innovative work environment at Ansh is contagious. We appreciate new skills at work and encourage changes in the working styles. At Ansh we believe in “happy people-great work” philosophy.

We are in the subtitling business, but the more important fact is that we are in the people business. It is about you. We invite you to participate and together let us make this diverse world a little easier to understand.

Many linguists and clients know me and we already have a bond between us. To all of you who do not know me, I will work hard and bond with you through efforts to improve quality and prices.

I wish you the very best and hope that through our association we can build strong relationships.


Mrs. Kamal Sharma

Kamal Sharma (Mrs.)